My world and welcome to it!

So, after much thought and many flattering requests, I have moved myself into the room of  my life and decided to begin my blog. I found that my Facebook was turning into a combination of Tumbler meets Pinerest, with a heavy dose of photo album. I am a visual person, but I also have a strong inner voice and a clever way of describing my crazy life.

Hopefully, I’ll share some of my experiences (the beautiful and the sad) and who knows, you might just see yourself in those situations I recall. The “Ah-Ha!” moment, when you realize that you, in fact, are not the only one, has been the saving grace of my past year.

James Thurber has always been one of my favorite writers, and so, with many thanks to him, here comes my life, warts and all.


4 thoughts on “My world and welcome to it!

  1. I’ve often thought of writing a book about my life and what a journey it has been. But then I thought, who would read it? You are an inspiration Sandy-what a wonderful way to celebrate your life! Wishing you much love and luck with your new endeavor!! Scott would be so proud of you!!!

    • Thanks, Lori! I actually read a wonderful book on bereavement, called Voices From The Heart. I was so helped by this writer, and as my story goes, was referred to her by a friend who has a personal relationship with the writer. I have switched from a very good therapist to a bereavement specialist, and what a difference in my life. I am still shaking my head how this all came about! That is how my life goes. I often think things, and then they manifest!It has always been this way for me, and I still often find myself shaking my head in disbelief! This blog was something that my specialist suggested, and all I needed was a little shove. Thanks for reading, and tell your friends!

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