August Is The Cruelest Month?

Adirondack Chairs Overlooking The Ocean

Empty Adirondack chairs,vacated by actors on vacation!

August was our vacation month. So many miles put on the rubber of the road. Maine, New Jersey, NYC, Cape Cod, New Hampshire. Our kids were the best travelers on the planet. I think they still have the urge to travel in their pj’s, they’ve spent so many years getting up before the sun came up, or long after it went down.

I never realized how much driving Scott did. He always jumped at the chance. No, he didn’t have to wrestle the steering wheel out of my hands! I was, however, the Queen of Packers. I could wash, dry, pack, load and assemble enough traveling things to move out The National Guard. Still can.

I do know now, however, vacations are what actors use to book more work. When it is August, and the market is slow, actors plan trips. Trips anywhere inconvenient enough to be out of reach for an easy commute to the location that is getting ready to call the actor to its set, usually after you’ve just arrived to your destination and sat down to drink a beer in the late afternoon with your fellow parents. The sun would be beginning its descent, into the late afternoon sky, and after that obligatory beer, the official toasting of the moving of the troops to the new base, the phone would ring:

“Hey honey, guess what…?”

After the fifth or sixth vacation that was interrupted six hours into it, I stopped saying, “I dunno, what?”

I learned to just say, “Yep. Can you go buy some ice? Or, Start the grill? Or,whatever.”

I am happy to report, after all these years of thinking it was just me and my luck, it was not. It is all actors. Go ahead. Plan a vacation. Pack up all the stuff. Do enough laundry for a year. Make those eleven runs to CVS, for things you keep forgetting. That phone should be ringing in a few hours. Enjoy those times, even if they are not the way you pictured it in your Hallmark moment of your imagination. It is “The Artist Way”. The life of the actor.

It is also the life of “The Musician”, as I’m finding out. Our son is now booking gigs and starting to have the phone ring quite a bit for this music he writes, called “Chip Tunes”. You can find it on the web, under 8Bit Collective. He’s had pod casts in England and Scotland, played at conventions and universities. He’s nineteen. So much for vacation in August, this year. It’s o.k.. I’m used to it. Hey, James. Could you go get us some ice?


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