To Thine Own Self Be True

How do we know when it is time to move on? Is it something that just appears to us, like the fog clearing on a September morning? Or is it more of a growing pain, like a shoe that you used to love, but now feels too tight and actually hurts when you try to assume all the things you would normally do, wearing that shoe. My Life (capitalized because it seems to be a multifaceted feeling of change) and the uncomfortable feelings I get from my status quo are becoming too pronounced to ignore. There are signs, everywhere.

The things I used to find comfort and solace with, no longer satisfy me. The people and places that were part of my map of the world are becoming yellowed and worn. No longer fresh and vibrant, I feel myself questioning the day-to-day choices of my world. A new phrase popped into my head, two weeks ago. I was given the opportunity to interview for some very exciting artwork. It created a dilemma in my sense of duty and responsibility, not wanting to be considered unreliable. I have always been the good girl. The voice of reason that tells everyone, “We can’t do that.” I kept hearing this voice in my head, asking the question, “Well, if not now…when?” When will I get my life in the direction I choose to go towards? My duty to myself and my passion for my art won out. I confirmed that audition in New York.

I took the opportunity, deliberately. The voice of one’s life purpose was louder than the small voice that was constantly asking me, “Well, What you are supposed to do?”. I am going to listen for more signs from that place deep inside of me, that tells me, “This is your truth.” It doesn’t fail. It is that gnawing signal that tells you, “This is for you to hear…”. With following that hunch comes a sense of relief, a sigh, an itch that gets scratched, if you will.

Do you have any itches that need to be scratched?


4 thoughts on “To Thine Own Self Be True

  1. Yes, I have itches that need to be scratched but I can’t locate their origin – lol! It’s that gnawing feeling that tells you should be doing more, experiencing more and living life differently but those longings are not always clear. At least in my experience! Good luck on your path to enlightenment, Sandy!

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